27 October 2019


On Thursday Fly and I had an errand to run and I wanted to take a little time afterwards to go for a walk. We ended up exploring somewhere completely new to us: Bohill Nature Reserve. It's a tiny patch of woodland that was so peaceful. We didn't meet any people or dogs there at all.

A little closer look at Fly's outfit of the day: a bandana by Luna's Loft, a lead by FourPaws Collection and a collar made by yours truly.

The path led is through the trees. As forest paths go this one was excellent.

Fly's sitting and staying is still a bit hit and miss. Sometimes she stays, sometimes she doesn't! We reached what I think is the end of the path (at least it looked like the end to me) and she posed on this pile of stones very well.

Precious Fly.

Since it was so quiet, I let Fly off the lead for the walk back down the path. She loved sniffing around.

Fly is such a sweetheart with people but with strange dogs she can be a bit unpredictable. It was a special treat for her to be off lead on a walk.

Wahey - a stay!

On the way past the log again she got up there and posed all by herself! She's learning.

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