25 November 2019

Autumn in Tollymore

Sue and I had a free afternoon so I decided to visit the forest to find some autumn leaves. I discovered upon arrival that Susan is scared of tree stumps and fallen trees like this one. She barks at them in fear but then she jumps up on them. It's very strange!

She was wearing a wee autumnal bow tie.

I always expect October to be the height of autumn but actually November is often more colourful!

What little sun there was disappeared, but that didn't matter as we had reached my favourite area of the park - the lake. There's a wonderful wee bench here that faces the lake and I always stop here when I'm walking in Tollymore.

...And the sun returned! This picture and the one above were taken seconds apart.

Derp face.

I just love this bench!

The lake also has a shelter.

Eventually we moved on. The path above the river was quite high.

The sun came and went as we walked.

It was almost dark before we reached these steps again.

Back at the carpark. We'd gotten a bit lost but as long as we found our way back it was an adventure!


  1. Such beautiful photos. "Fall" in the Midwest USA I think lasted 3 days. It was nice out, the trees changed color briefly and by October we had snow. So I really enjoyed these.