17 November 2019

Silver Lining

These mornings are very chilly! Even into late October the mornings weren't terribly cold, but they certainly are now. It's all downhill from here, but the silver lining is the beautiful morning light. Susan still has to learn to stay in the front box and not jump out while the quad is moving, thank you very much, and so she's still chained in. Hopefully one day she'll get the idea...

Blue Belle's favourite spot in this field. She's here almost every morning. It's on top of an old wall that has mostly fallen down and she can see around.

Sunny and Jim are still on duty. They'll be with my ewes until after Christmas. Both of them are pretty laid back - especially Sunny - but I still don't trust them very far. I know how dangerous tips can be.

I just have to keep an eye on my ladies through the fence.

Cuddly Mister Teddy.

And Fly being her sweet self.

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