10 January 2020

Double Trouble

Last week while checking the sheep my dad was surprised by twin lambs standing in the field; the bare, muddy field that the ewes stay in over Christmas and New Year. He had noticed this old Dorset cross ewe had a bit of an elder but we both put it down to her age. These two proved us wrong.

Dad did a great job and managed at catch them both and get them out of the muddy field and into one with some nice grass. There's a boy and a girl (the boy is the one at the back with the very pink nose) and of course they are adorable little babies.

Of course we are not due to start lambing until March so we're not exactly sure how these two came about but hey ho! They're strong and healthy and mummy is taking good care of them.

Incidentally, it was very cold while I was taking these pictures. The mountains were topped with snow and there was rain coming. Looked amazing, though!


  1. What a lovely surprise. The mountain is stunning.

  2. Ooh, surprise lambies :-D. Seems like lots of farms are having them this year. Wonder if there's a connection or just random luck...?