25 January 2020

Some Sheep Pictures

A very generic title, I know, but it's for a good reason. Usually with my posts I like to have pictures that are similar in lighting and colour - if there's an odd picture out then I usually don't include it. But on this occasion when I went out to the sheep, almost every picture had different lighting and there's no point in separating them all.

Flora is often one of the first sheep to greet me and she didn't disappoint.

I really love these ones of Lois. Her wool has grown back enough for her to be pretty again - Hampshire Downs and Dorsets just look silly with their heads shorn.

Heather being herself.

Lois was being very photogenic on this day!

Black and white Flora.

Olive with Liz in the background.

Blue Belle has enjoyed wintering with her woolly friends. Due to her colour and small stature, at a distance she can be hard to distinguish!


Sunny of SunnyJim.

I hope these boys have done their job - my ewes (and pony) have gotten rounder while they have gotten slimmer. Fingers crossed!

And finally, a very happy birthday to Penny who turns three today! She's a wonderful sheep and I love her lots.

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