15 February 2020

Ciara's Snow

Last week Storm Ciara blasted through the country and brought with it the first snow of the year. Usually at this time of year there is a lot of foreboding talk of snow which I have learned to tune out as it's so often false, so when I opened my curtains on Tuesday morning to a blanket of white, I was surprised. A very speedy breakfast later I was out the door.

I expected to find Blue Belle and the pets at the bottom of their field, in the shelter of the trees, but instead they had all huddled behind the hedge separating them from Granny's garden.

Blue Belle loves snow. She enjoys prancing in it!

For the young hoggets it was their first snow.

Blue Belle does her best posing in snow.

Penny's daughter Bea wasn't very impressed.

Her twin sister Bridget was more concerned about Fly.


Minty and an alert Bridget keeping an eye on Fly. Fly has been in this field dozens of times as the lambs have grown up, but most still have their natural wariness of dogs intact.


The landscape is always so beautiful under a blanket of snow.


Esther walkin' in a winter wonderland.

Lily, Rita and Gertie wondering if they should follow (they do).

Like Blue Belle, Fly gets very excited by snow. Her favourite thing to do is roll.

Tilly was very curious about this.

Eventually the hoggets joined the more sensible ewes in the shelter at the bottom of the field. Heather has got quite the tummy on her.

I'm hoping for a couple of lambs from her but we'll see.

Olive. She's one of the few who doesn't outwardly appear to be pregnant but she could just be a late lamber.

More roly-poly fun!

Juliet with Lois in the background.

I love this one! Rosie and Penny taking shelter from the wind.

I think I'm safe saying she's pregnant...



Fly taking a break from rolling.

A short one!

Tilly was stuck to me like glue all the time I was in the field, until the end when I headed for the gate again. She paused long enough to pose.

I was headed to the gate because another blizzard was incoming.

Tilly thought for a moment and decided to follow me anyway. She followed me all the way up to the gate in the end.

For the rest of the day the snow showers came thick and fast. The following morning, however, the sun was shining.

The snow was starting to disappear, but the mountains still looked amazing.

The main flock of ewes needed some silage.

But first it was snacker time.

A beautiful morning.

Once the ewes had their breakfast, they came looking for their morning silage.

But they had to wait for a few minutes more as I fed the older ewes next. I call them old, some of them are young too. This flock contains ewes that are prone to sore feet or being thin. I can keep a better eye on them in a small flock.

Then it was time for the boys to get their breakfast. Now that Sunny and Jim have finished their work with my ewes, they're in here too.

Fly helped to keep everyone in order.

The oldies looking for second breakfast (they didn't get it).

Finally it was time for the main flock of ewes to get their morning silage.

It went down a treat.

The pets meanwhile weren't up to much, really.

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