19 March 2020

The Good Old Days

Looking at these pictures now is quite surreal. Before social distancing, before self isolation, before COVID-19, Susan and I went out for an afternoon at the seaside. It was a lovely day in February.

We were testing out a new collar and lead set I made.

It was great to see the sun out!

Classy in navy and tan.

After our walk we went and got a crepe.

It was a cold day so we got coffee too.

By the time we were heading home the sun had gone down.

The changes in the world since then is staggering. Please stay safe.


  1. There weren't many people around. Are you sure you weren't social distancing?

    1. It was pretty cold! There were actually lots of people around compared to what I was expecting. I could hardly find a parking space. Social distancing wasn't even a thing back then which is really surreal.

  2. Lovely photos- a landscape always looks better with a border collie in it ;)