15 April 2020

One Last Lambing Update

Lovely Clover.

Heather and her lamb Charles.

Poor Lois. Losing both of her lambs was hard on her. I tried to adopt two more onto her as she had plenty of milk but she was having none of it. Eventually I had to give up and let her go without lambs this year.

She called for her lambs for a week or more. With some ewes they're not very distressed by losing their lambs but for Lois it was very hard. You can see it in her eyes.

One of Flora's, Chanel.

Penny held out on me and was actually the last of the pets to lamb on 21st March. By the size of her I was convinced it would be a repeat of last year's triplets but thankfully it was just large twins.

The girl is the smaller, stockier of the two. She's called Carol.

This boy has no manners and he's called Cleland.

The two of them spent a few days in the pens with their mum but it wasn't long before they were strong enough for the great outdoors.

Wee Carol has tiny ears.

Cleland takes more after his mum.

This is Penny's first attempt at rearing twins. Hopefully she'll manage.

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