8 April 2020

The Exploration Game

Just as the lambing season was winding down for us, I took a bad back. The lambs were already out and as much as I wanted to photograph them, it was too painful to do so. I took these on the first evening I started to feel more like myself. Lambs at this age, getting up to all sorts of mischief, make all of your troubles disappear.

Rosie and her girls, Clover and Clementine.

Flora's ewe lamb, Coco.

The ewe that has most surprised and impressed me is Olive. She gave the impression that she would have no interest in motherhood but the exact opposite is true. She is taking excellent care of her two lambs. I'm very proud of her.

Colin has a big, white blaze on his face. Just add spots to his blaze and you'd have Bob reincarnated.

Her ewe lamb, Chloe, also has lovely markings. She's the only one of the lambs to have white on her ears as well as her face.

Rosie's Clementine.

Heather's surviving lamb, Charles. He looks so like his mum!

The lambs love playing on these rocks.

Charles is all hairs because Heather is just all wool and he has to stick his face in it to drink.


Even Colin's tongue is funky.

Clementine. I think she's gorgeous. She has a beautiful coat.

Her sister Clover is the more eye-catching of the two, for obvious reasons.

But I think Clementine is special too.

Chanel and Clementine.

Clover on the move.


Clover found a stick.

Reunited with mum.

I'm looking forward to watching these lambs grow.

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