26 June 2020

Evenings With Connie

After Edith's death Connie was lonely so I spent as much time with her as I could. This involved moving her to a pen in front of my house so I could have a coffee or eat lunch with her! I actually loved having her so close to home. At the same time as all this there was a heatwave combined with a drought. Once the evenings cooled down I would be out with Connie for a walk (and photos of course).

One Sunday we went looking for the last of the bluebells. She had a halter to match.

We ended up just walking the length of the lane and back.

There was a lot of snacking on the way.

We walked back up the lane and I sat on the granite steps while the sun went down. Connie kept on nibbling.

Another night and there were no walks at all, only quality time in Connie's pen. I had a garden chair in here so I could sit with her anytime I had a spare moment.

Yet another night and it was walkies time again - only this time I had an experiment in mind first. I wanted to get a picture of Connie and my legs (I've seen plenty of pictures of dogs like this but I thought it would be a fun twist to use a sheep). This is the best I got... which isn't very good.

The photo failed but we had a nice walk on the lane anyway.

Before the drought ended we got out for one last walk. As you can see in these photos a lot of the grass is very yellow from lack of rain. For this walk Connie wore a collar which I made for her and a bow tie.

She's just the cutest.

She climbed up on the steps and was too scared to get down. She worked it out eventually!

...And then she went back up!

And got stuck again!

Sheep. Honestly.

I spent a lovely time with Connie over the heatwave. We really bonded together and I think we'll be friends for life. Once the rain came I didn't put Connie out in front of the house again and she stayed in the shed for a week or two... until she was ready for the next big step in her life. I'm hoping she will get stuck on this one.

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