6 June 2020

Further Introductions

Believe it or not I haven't finished introducing you all to this year's lambs. Some of them were born outside and it can be difficult to get decent photos of them sometimes. I made a special effort one evening back in late April. I wasn't going to give up until I had a picture of everyone!

This year Cilla, my Zwartbles ewe, had twin boys. This is one of them - he's called Clifford.

I shook a bucket and some of the ewes didn't even bother with me. I got Maggie's attention though.

A cute lamb! No name for this one, it's just cute.

This is one of our oldest ewes. She's a Dorset/Texel cross and very chunky. She had a gorgeous ewe lamb.

In fact this ewe lamb was so chunky I thought she was a boy for a few months. I'm very glad it's a ewe. We only have two Dorset cross ewes left and they're both getting old.

Maggie, despite being a pet, is very cautious of bribery - but eventually her love of nuts got the better of her and she came over.

In behind the other hungry ewe is Claudia, Maggie's rather excellent ewe lamb.

Well done, Mags!

Her lamb is one of the best in the field in terms of shape.

I tried to get a family photo but there was an imposter!

There we go. See what I mean?

This ewe has adorable babies.

I'm not certain what the lamb in the foreground is but I know the one in the background is a ewe. She has crinkly ears and a wonky tail. She's very cute!

Eventually my pile of nuts were all eaten and everybody wandered off. Maggie and Claudia paused on their way for some sniffs.

The cute Dorset family I mentioned earlier.

I hopped onto the quad and briefly caught up with Maggie and Claudia.

I then went into the Potato Field where the flock was gathering. Millie's daughters Abby and Annie are now two years old and spent winter with the boys. Annie didn't have any lambs and because she wasn't a great ewe I decided to sell her. Meanwhile Abby had a boy! She was one of the last ewes to lamb. She's very fussy about him.

Cilla's boy, Clifford.

Just like last year, Morag is running around without a lamb - and this time also without a fleece! She started losing it shortly after she had Connie and Caldwell. Since this photo was taken she has lost the last scrags of wool on her tummy and has gained a lot of weight.


A photogenic pair.

Cilla again - she's so pretty! She's also in much better condition than this time last year.

Corbin, her second lamb. This one was a bit smaller and thinner than his brother at birth but he's catching up now. Initially I took Corbin away from Cilla and tried to bottle feed him. Last year Blondie and Brownie took a lot out of Cilla and she got very thin. But Corbin was slow on the uptake and I didn't want to lose him either so I put him back with his mum. Thankfully Cilla has managed to keep herself in better condition this year so I needn't have worried.

Abby and her wee man again.

Playing on the hill.

The ewes wandered into another field and I decided not to follow as I has managed to get photos of everyone I wanted to before the sun disappeared altogether. I was about to leave when Cilla returned with Clifford in tow, looking for Corbin.

I always have to take a picture of a Mule lamb.

Cilla was calling for him and eventually Corbin stopped playing with a group of other lambs and realised his mum wanted him.

Look at those legs. Rediculous.

While Cilla and her lamb were reunited, some cheeky ewes and lambs approached, looking for some more nuts.

The ewe lamb with the wonky ears and tail had followed her mum over. Isn't she cute?

I think I now have introduced all of my lambs for this year. The "C" lambs are looking good!

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