17 July 2020

The Last Triangle and Some Hoggets

Dad was mowing a few fields at an outfarm and after I few hours I arrived with some refreshments. By that time he was almost finished so I watched and took pictures as he cut the final triangle of long grass.

Job done! Time for a Diet Coke and a biscuit.

After Dad left with the mower for home, I went to see the hoggets who are currently living down here. The pets among them came running over as soon as they saw me. My lure of nuts was no required but I poured them out for the girls anyway.

Minty. All clipped and looking fabulous.

The pets have taught the rest of the hoggets to come over when they see me.

Juliet. Once they get their first clip they look so grown up.


Lois was especially friendly and came over for scratches.

This hogget came very close. She was curious about me.

Minty again.



Always wonderful to give them a visit like this.

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