27 August 2020

Blue Belle Bookends

I love it when Blue Belle is living in the garden. I can easily bring her treats at any time of the day or have conversations with her from the living room window. She loves it here too - she can stand on the flower bed for a few extra inches of height and watch the traffic as it comes and goes up the lane.

I often stop to take photos of her here on my way to see the pets.

The ewes are now all without their lambs and are starting to relax and recover. Olive's twins didn't seem to take too much out of her.

All of the lambs were taken out of this field, only for one to be added! Adam is now here. I think he's too small to have any babies this year but I'm keeping him in with my girls for a few months on the off chance.

The girls are enjoying the best of the late summer grass.

On the way back to the house I stopped with Blue Belle again. The autofocus on the camera didn't quite land in the right place with this photo... or did it? I really like this one.

One with Blue Belle in focus.

The flowerbed is good for posing on.

I love photographing my little pony.


  1. What an adorable pony! And those double swirls indicate that she must be a bit of a character.

  2. She can be! Not in a bad way. She can be a bit nervous of new things and people but she doesn't kick or bite and I can always catch her so I don't have any problems with her. It took some time to get to this stage though. I never put any thought into her swirls, but they are some of the most prominent swirls I've ever seen.