15 October 2020

A Pony, a Dog and a Sunset

 I can't resist photographing Blue Belle as she stands on the flowerbed, peeking over the garden wall. 

The Guernsey lilies are in full bloom at the moment. In amongst all of the oranges and yellows of autumn they are very beautiful.

I was supposed to be taking some pictures of Susan but I got a bit distracted... and so did she.

Tilly, the tips and friends came over to say hello through the fence.

Finally Susan and I got down to the important job of posing.

All of the dogs are a bit unsure around Blue Belle so this is as close to a portrait of the two of them I could get - for now. Something to work on!

Oh, my pretty Susan, you're so beautiful.

I took these photos with the aim of posting them on her birthday... which eventually passed me by. I didn't realise until the following day! She forgave me. She always does.

My little Susan is two-years-old now, and all grown up.