4 October 2020

An Evening With the Girls

We have now separated the male lambs from the female ones. Cheeky Ewe remains with the ewe lambs for now but will hopefully be joining the breeding ewes soon. 

The tip lambs are getting extra feed while the girls aren't - so they're curious but not as cheeky as the boys.

Carol, one of Penny's lambs. Even after spending a few months with the rest of the lambs, mine tend to stick together.

Coco. She and her sister Chanel are very hard to photograph for some reason. Not natural posers.


Carol is a bit braver and comes over to see me. She didn't want scratches on this occasion. She has a very earnest face.


Flora's twins, Coco and Chanel.


Another black lamb - not one of mine, this time!

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