14 November 2020

Focus on Millie

Sunsets such as the one featured in today's photos are a rare thing at the moment. It seems that every day is dull and wet and grey. I haven't been out spending time with the sheep for a few weeks now, every evening they are soaked through and they'd soon have me soaked too. Hopefully this grey spell passes us by soon and we can have clear skies again.

I went out on this evening mostly to spend time with the sheep, but also to check on Millie. The tips were not long out and Millie, I thought, was acting slightly oddly. Things that I only noticed because I know her so well, like not bothering to come to the gate with the others, sitting off on her own, and not letting me too near. I was worried because she has aborted lambs in the past and hasn't had any lambs in the last few years. Checking her over, I could see nothing wrong with her, and in fact she was in a very friendly mood. Maybe it was paranoia.

While I was there to focus on Millie, I couldn't resist the others. Penny enjoying some grass.

My adorable twins, Connie and Caldwell.

Millie kept following me which was very welcome and a healthy sign.

The sunset was lovely. 

Millie and Rosie (in the background) are the matriarchs of the flock, turning five soon.

Hopefully Millie will have some lambs in the spring. If she doesn't she can still stay, but she really enjoyed being a mum.

This field was supposed to be cut for silage but we ran out of time and weather. The pets here will no doubt have it eaten down come January.

Connie and Caldwell are a charming pair.

Connie especially is such a character.

A healthy looking Millie.

Olive and Tilly's ear.

It definitely counts to know these sheep so well. I can spot and deal with problems immediately. It also means that I am a bit paranoid with them! I have raised them all from the day they were born so I have gotten very invested in their wellbeing. I'm just waiting now for any pregnancies to show themselves, and then it's another nerve-wracking wait!

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