26 November 2020

Ted on Duty

Checking on and feeding the sheep in the morning is usually a family affair - my dad and I together on the quad with a furry friend. This time, however, it was just Teddy and I and that meant lots of pictures! Teddy was looking very handsome.

The tip lambs were very keen on their breakfast. 

While I poured the bag of sheep nuts into the feeder, a not-so-orderly queue was formed.

Once I stood back there was a rush!

Those unlucky or just not cheeky enough, they would have to wait their turn.

Teddy was on duty... sort of! The girls are usually on the ground, keeping the lambs back until I can get the feeder filled. Teddy, however, doesn't want to give up his seat!

Tip lambs fed, we checked on the ewe lambs, and finally the ewes. They are clearly enjoying their lick!

Our quiet Texel tip, officially unnamed but he looks like a John to me, came over to see us.

He came very close! He's the quietest tip I have ever seen. 

Another familiar face - Violet's mum.

Everyone was well this morning, and Teddy was just as handsome at the end of the job as he was at the beginning!

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