29 August 2021

Lambs in May

One evening back in May I set out with my camera to take pictures of some of the familiar faces - that is, lambs from my own ewes that I hadn't gotten any pictures of yet. Dad's sheep were there too and ended up featuring very heavily. Like these two: 

Cheeky Ewe had another Cheeky Lamb this year!

Some cute lambies.


This one is known as "Wonky's Mum". Her lamb, Wonky, is a pet lamb in the shed. She did want him and it was all a huge misunderstanding involving nuts and her extremely low IQ. Better luck next year.

Lily's little tip lamb.

Bridget's ewe lamb, Dee Dee.

Just look at how stocky Lily's lamb is!


Dolly, Rita's lamb.

Dolly again, being very photogenic.

My photography assistant.

A cute Mule family.

Gertie's lamb, Delia.

One of my favourite lambs from this year is this lovely lady.

I circled back around to Cheeky Ewe and Cheeky Lamb because they are very fun to photograph.

Great bum spot!

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