5 August 2021

Looking Down

I took these photos back in May, when the pets' lambs were still with them and the adults had yet to be clipped. Now these lambs are amongst the rest of the lambs, without the ewes, and probably missing Auntie Connie and Uncle Caldwell and these rocks. 

Putting these photos on this post has unintentionally made me sad. I have been surrounded by sheep my whole life - I know the ups and downs, I know that they can very easily break your heart. Only two days ago Daisy was wandering the fields with her friends, healthy and alive, and then suddenly yesterday she wasn't. It hurts to see her here, looking so well, when all I can think of is that moment of discovering her, Discount at her side standing guard... It'll take a while for me to be able to look at these pictures and not feel a bit upset. Rosie, fields away, was much more talkative than usual yesterday. I think she knew, somehow.

Her brother Dylan, and the others, are all doing well.

Dixie (and Daisy).



The late Daisy.


Brother and sister Dexter and Dixie.

Dixie nibbling on Dexter's ear. That's cute.

Caldwell keeping an eye on things.

I was walking to the house and Blue Belle was looking pretty so I took some pictures of her too.

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  1. So sorry about the loss of Daisy.
    You have lovely photos to remember her by.
    And, always, Blue Belle takes delightful photos!