14 September 2021

Going Gold

I took these photos back at the very end of May when the pet lambs were much smaller and the ewes much woollier. My frustration at having fallen behind with my blogging lessened by getting to see how far my little sheep have come. Without further ado...


Discount. The pet ewes' lambs were still with them at this stage. 


Unmistakable Margot.

Minnie deciding to notice me.

What a beautiful spring evening.




The late Daisy.

Caldwell and Esther.

Daisy's brother Dylan.

The pet lambs still like to lie down and chew their cuds near the gate like this.



Titch trying to blend in with the bark on Nobby's Tree.

Dennis being handsome.

Penny and Dylan.

Dennis still being handsome. He can't help himself.

Auntie Penny checking on the children.

Another sunset in this wonderful field. 

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