8 October 2021

Two August Sunsets

I do so enjoy going out to take pictures at sunset, although often I'll only go out every couple of weeks or so. But on this occasion I went out two times in a week because I was a sheep photographer on a mission. I've grouped the photos together because I think they're a similar bunch. The light was gorgeous on both evenings.

Even the walk to the field was pretty.

Tilly is always one of the first to greet me - she's just endlessly friendly.

Caldwell's horns are growing nicely, and I'm pleased that they're growing in such a way that they might even curl properly, rather than growing too close to his head and having to be cut off.


Connie and the lambs. She was in a very playful mood on this evening and bounced around like a baby lamb!

Audrey and Nigel, who's too busy to look up at me.

Connie bounced right up to me for a close-up.


Nigel, busy eating.


Lovely Minnie.

Minnie and a trio of the lovely ladies (Dotty, Lady and Blossom).

As much as I liked the pictures I got, I didn't get what I was after. I wanted a nice sunset picture of Nigel with his new, more grown-up, darker markings. Out I went a few days later to try again.

Tilly greeted me with a silly face!

Minnie coming over.


Connie, not quite as bouncy this time.

Nigel coming over to see me.

Success! Nigel came over and posed for a good minute, looking in a few different directions and generally being himself.

I got my Nigel photos but the light was still gorgeous so I stayed out to see what else I could get. Blossom coming over.

Titch and Margot (with their ears tangled up).

Nigel again - he was in a real posing mood on this evening.


Lady and some more ladies (Minnie, Nina, Blossom and Dotty).


Minnie is comically stocky, bless her.

Blossom was having a lie down to chew her cud so I went over to see her.

And finally Nigel again, because why not? You can never see too much of Nigel in one post.

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