18 November 2021

Meeting Cookie

Today I finally met Cookie, my friend Emma's beloved horse. She's a very laid back lady so it was hard to get her to look interested in her photoshoot!

The cows wanted to be involved in the photoshoot too.

Cookie and Emma.

Some of the other residents of the livery yard were curious about what we were doing.

This handsome fellow reminded me of Blue Belle.

Cookie, Emma and I moved our photoshoot from the yard to the lane. There's a great view of the sea in the distance.

And there were some more attempts to get Cookie to look alert. We said "Cookie" a lot, and made lots of funny noises. It worked! (Eventually.)

We walked further along, ending up just outside the exercise arena.

A huge thanks to these people and their horses in the area who helped to make interesting noises for Cookie!

Mission Ears was a huge success.

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