21 December 2021

The Unwanted Visitor

Fly and I went to visit the pets one evening. My pet sheep used to not mind the dogs - the dogs are always running around with them as lambs - but for some reason every one of this year's twelve is scared of dogs. They came running over to us as usual and then stopped in their tracks.

Laurel in front, Audrey on her left and Nigel on her right.

(This photo was taken a few days previously so doesn't really fit but I think Lady looks cute here.)

Of the older sheep, Tilly is the one who minds dogs the least. She came over for some strokes.

The sheep naturally flocked together.

Except for Tilly and Esther, who was hungry.

Fly loves rolling in grass.

Fly on the stone. This a favourite plaything with the sheep - they scratch against it and jump on and off of it.

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