10 January 2022

Heavens to Betty!

I was driving along in the tractor, chancing a glance away from the road in front to me to look at our ewes, when a little white thing caught my eye. It took a few moments for my brain to make the connection - it was a young lamb following its mother. I was extremely surprised as our ewes are not supposed to start giving birth until late February at the earliest. It remains a mystery who young Betty's father is and but I am very pleased that she's here.

I went to try and take a picture of her on Saturday - mum was in full-on protective mode and ran away despite me bringing some tasty nuts in a bucket.

She ran until they were in a corner. Slowly, slowly, I crept closer.

Betty was tired standing and wanted a lie down.

Eventually I was too close to mum for comfort, so she joined the other ewes to eat, leaving Betty on her own.

I was able to get a little closer before she ran off to look for her mum.

The other ewes were curious about the newcomer.

So that's the first one!

1 comment:

  1. Such a wary mom! You sure do have pretty green fields for lambing; we have over a foot of snow here. (No sheep though!)