21 February 2022

Emily the Enigma

Tilly had twins in the morning on the 15th February. By the afternoon the boy, Eamon, was doing well but Emily was too quiet for my liking. I sat and observed her behaviour - despite Tilly's attention, she made no move to drink or respond to her calls. When I approached, she just stood there.

We tubed both Emily and Eamon with colostrum - while Eamon was warm to the touch, Emily was much colder and more lethargic. I decided to bring her into the house to get warmed up. Eamon stayed with Tilly.

On the same morning that Tilly had her twins, Heather had a stillborn single lamb. Heather was very upset and spent a few days out in the field, calling for her lamb. It was a sad sight to see. One vet trip later, Emily was looking a bit better but we still couldn't convince her to drink from a bottle. I thought that there was an opportunity to ease Heather's heartbreak by attempting an adoption. As I type, the adoption is a work in progress but I'm hopeful that Heather will accept Emily as her own soon. 

Meanwhile, despite the drama, the other lambs are doing well. Eli is doing especially good.

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