3 March 2022

In the Shelter

After a relatively dry winter, February battered us with wind and rain - there were no less than three big storms in one week. With the pet ewes all lambed, at least some of the pressure was off, but I was waiting for a dry spell to put them all outside where they belonged. In the meantime I took advantage of the shelter of the shed to sit with them.

Eli was growing fast. 

Tilly's ram lamb, Eamon.

Some of the collection.

Eli being handsome again.

Eugene, Penny's tip lamb.

Elsie, Flora's lamb.

Ernest, one of Olive's twins.

Meanwhile Eddie was keeping warm under the heat lamp. I love his ears!


  1. Curious about Emily? You were concerned about her when she was born. How is she doing?

    1. I have an Emily update planned within the next post or two, but long story short it all worked out in the end which is fantastic! I'll pass on your well wishes to her. :)

    2. Wonderful news. Was so worried a out her. Looking forward to your post.