9 April 2022

Eunice Goes Outside! (With Eddie!)

(These lambs are much bigger now, and their snoods definitely wouldn't fit, but they're still very cute!)

A couple of years ago, Penny managed to make just enough milk to see Carol and Cleland through to weaning, although it was a very close call. This year the twins Eugene and Eunice proved too much for Penny, so I adopted Eunice as a pet lamb. Eunice is a bit of an odd character but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping she matures into a fine young lady. She looks so much like baby Penny, it's giving me flashbacks to 2017.

Eddie has never changed, only gotten straighter ears and a bigger appetite.

The two lambs had a lot of fun exploring the yard.


  1. I did notice all the unique names you come up with.
    You always have cuteness overload at lambing time!

    1. I love naming sheep! I didn't realise how much until I started my own flock and had to name everything. I spend a lot of time on baby name websites!