20 April 2022

Looking for Lambs

One gorgeous spring evening I went out to the pets' field to get some decent photos of the lambs. Dotty and Connie distracted me from my mission almost immediately.

Olive's son, Enzo.

Rosie's son Eli.

Lady coming over to help with my photography in her own special way.


Elodie and Elsie, Flora's twin girls.


Tilly and her son Eamon.

He is a very cute wee chap.

While I was looking for photos of lambs, any lambs, I was especially after a photo of Emily because the last time I was out with the camera I didn't get any photos I liked. She was by the wall, under the whins, with Eugene.

Eugene, Penny's lamb.

Emily, Tilly's daughter, raised by Heather - a complication to the family tree.

You've got a little something stuck there, Eugene.

Emily really blends into the stones with her grey fur.



Millie (and Blue Belle).

Mother and son.



The twins.

Eamon appeared again.

The boys on the wall.

The wall was proving popular - Eli showed up too.

It's great to see the lambs out and enjoying the good weather.

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  1. Oh I love Eamon! He's the cutest with that little smile!