21 June 2022

Sunset at the Top

One glorious evening I drove to the top of the highest hill on the farm to take some sunset photos of the ewes and lambs. I wasn't there long before the curious sheep gathered.

This ewe had quads this year and ended up rearing none of them - two ended up as pets, and one, Margie, is being kept in the pet flock.

This is Titch's mum.

Gertie didn't rear any lambs this year through no fault of her own. Better luck next year I hope.

I remember the pure joy I felt when I discovered the Mule I knew as "Violet's Mum" with her Zwartbles twins. Now the ewe is all grown up with lambs of her own.

The tips are spending time with this flock until they're clipped. This is Poundland, our pedigree Suffolk.

Johnson - he's John's son, see.

Susan accompanied me.

I always find sunset sheep photography so relaxing.

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