5 September 2022

A Smaller Flock at Sunset

Even though the pet ewes had their lambs first, way back in February, we only had the chance to wean them off a few weeks after the "ordinary" sheep. We gathered the 38-strong pet flock and weaned those older lambs, separated out the breeding ewes to be put elsewhere, and finally wormed and footbathed everything else. 24 sheep returned to Granny's Field, and a few days later I visited the shrunken flock.

As usual, the pet lambs greeted me first.

Rosie didn't miss her lamb, Eli, at all. She's recovered so well from her ordeal at lambing time. I'm really pleased. She can enjoy her retirement now.


Enid, Primrose and Astrid.



Violet seems to like standing on this sheet of metal that covers an old well. Perfect for chewing the cud on. She was joined by Margie and Daisy.

Wendy was chewing her cud next to the fence, with her twin sister Mabel keeping her company.



Nancy had already settled for the evening, it looked like.


Nancy with Pearl, and a dozing Wendy in the background.

A very happy flock.


  1. Hi Ruth! Just catching up on your blog after a rather discombobulated summer of moving and poor Wi-Fi/internet. Lovely photos as usual! It was nice to see the harvest photos , I assume that is the ocean in the background?
    Your sheep are so photogenic as are your dogs. Loved the sumbeam photos.

    1. Hello, Shirley! My goodness, you have been busy indeed! That's the Irish Sea in the background of those photos. Just beyond the horizon would be the Isle of Man, then England.

      Very kind of you to visit my wee blog as always, it's much appreciated. I'll have to pay a visit to yours to see what you've been up to. :)