28 September 2022

Easy Does It, Eagle Eye

It's autumn again, which means that everyone is thinking about next spring. We sheep farmers always get ahead of ourselves like that.

At the end of August, Dad and I attended a Texel ram show and sale and managed to pick up a pair of handsome shearling boys. A couple of days later I drove over to visit them on the quad with a bucket of nuts for bribery. The first to come over was, funnily enough, the first lot in the sale - Peninsula Easy Does It. He was born on 3rd April last year. He came right over and ate the nuts out of my hand. He'll fit right in here.

The second tip is the more cautious of the two - he's called Treamount Eagle Eye.

He was born on 16th February 2021. 

I tried for a time to shorten their names to something like "Easy" and "Eagle" but it didn't really work for me, so they'll just have to get used to hearing their longer names yelled at them when they're being naughty.

We're very pleased with them and they seem to be settling in very well. I'm looking forward to spring already!


  1. Never seen a sheep like this before. Looks how I imagine a bullock x sheep would look ha ha.
    You got some good field bouncers for your flock by the looks !

  2. They are very macho looking boys!