31 October 2022

Drooping by the Guernsey Lilies

The Guernsey Lilies are in full bloom again. They really stand out against the other colours of autumn. After a walk I brought Susan over to the garden wall to get some photos with them. She was a bit tired.

She was starting to droop around here. 

Getting your photo taken is very hard work, you know.



I thought at this stage that it was for the best to call this photo shoot done.


  1. Great pics of the lovely Susan :) and what a good girl posing for them all !

  2. She is a beautiful dog, drooping or no.

  3. Guernsey lilies? First time I have heard of them. Hard to say what's prettier, the lilies or the dog... no wait, it is the dog, but the lilies make a nice backdrop!