6 November 2022

Martha Rocks!

There have been a lot of cloudy evenings recently so I haven't been out for sunset with my sheep much. They're always pleased when I do appear.

Sometimes Rosie joins the crowd of lambs, checks my pockets for treats (which I don't have) and then leaves. We used to be friends who enjoyed each other's company, Rosie!

Beth and a blurry Nancy.

Lucy, the difficult to photograph lamb, always pulling a face!

Audrey and Margot.



A girl band! Nancy, Lucy and Hazel.




Astrid. She's the arguably the friendliest of the lambs and thus one of the hardest to photograph. She's always jumping up at me.



Astrid and Mabel.



Martha decided she wanted to stand on the rock. This is a rock that the sheep often fight over because it's perfect for standing on. They also use it for scratching.

Astrid squeezed on there too.

Martha won in the end.

Astrid scratching her foot using the fence.

Astrid is a lot of fun. I hope she keeps her cheeky nature as she matures.


  1. You sure must have a long list of names you have used!
    I like the look of whatever breed Martha and Astrid are, black legs and faces. But then, I like black points on my horses too, bay being my favourite colour.

    1. I have so many sheep names in my head, it's a wonder I remember them all! Every lambing time it gets harder and harder to commit the new ones to memory - this year with my bumper crop of pet lambs I really struggled. When it comes to names I'm always on the look-out, and towards the start of lambing I look for names on baby naming websites.

      Martha and Astrid are separate breeds - Martha is a Suffolk/Texel and Astrid is a Suffolk/Mule - but they have the same dad.

      When I was young I was obsessed with horses but I thought the brown ones were kind of boring. My favourite colour was grey or palomino and while I still like those, as I got older my appreciation for a nice bay or chestnut grew. Now I really love them. It turns out brown is a lovely colour too!