17 February 2023

Surprise December Lamb

Officially, the main flock's lambs aren't due until March, but every year we end up with a few early surprises. A few days after Christmas this lamb appeared in the fields at Bannon's Land. I went to check on them with my long lens to maybe get some pictures. It was quite hard because mum was being very cautious.

Mum led her lamb over to the shelter of the old wall.

Very tasty branch.

The other ewes were curious.

The lamb found a different tasty branch.

She was having lots of fun exploring. I left her to it.


  1. Some sweet moments captured there!
    That rock wall really caught my eye, I have never seen the rocks placed vertically like that.

    1. This wall was built by starving people for the local land owner during the Irish Potato Famine in exchange for soup or stew. They used blood mortar to cement the stones together so I guess that's why the stones are in any old position. A nice bit of history.

    2. What is blood mortar? Not exactly a bit of nice history, but then, history is not always happy is it?

    3. I think (now don't quote me on this) that it was a mixture of blood from slaughtered animals and limestone that made something resembling cement before cement was a thing.