13 June 2023

Lambs on Walks: A Compilation

I've combined several blog posts into one to get me one step closer to having this blog up to date.

14th February

A young Frances getting some halter training in the yard.

We had an audience.

Inside Frances's friends were enjoying the heat lamp.

24th February

Fern's turn in the yard.

2nd April

Frida enjoying some daffodils and spring sunshine.

3rd April

Ethel out for an evening stroll.

15th April

Poppy in the garden.

25th April

Flossie has an evening out, joined by Susan.

We paid a visit to Blue Belle.

It was such a lovely evening, I ended up turning the camera on myself.

I used my phone to get a photo that included all of us.

2nd May

Frances, much bigger now, and Skye, the youngest pet lamb.

16th May

And finally, a trip with Marigold to see the bluebells.

1 comment:

  1. Adorable! Especially love the photos with the daffodils.
    Nice to see you too!