12 August 2023

Jo Comes to Visit

Over the last few years I have become good friends with Joanne who lives over in Canada. In April she came to visit. We had a lovey time and I really enjoyed having her here! We took a lot of photos and videos during her visit so this post contains just the highlights.

19th April

After arriving in Northern Ireland the previous evening, Susan and I went to collect Jo and take her shopping for some proper farm welly boots!

Once we had returned to the farm, and partaken of a delicious lunch, we went to the lambing shed so I could introduce Jo to all of these lambs I kept telling her about.

Jo had never fed lambs before and I'm sure that was a fun experience for her.

Then it was time to get onto the quad bike and feed the ewes and lambs outside. Susan came along.

(Tractors were large and distracting, though!)

Susan raring to go!

Next it was time to meet the pet sheep.

I had disappeared off to fetch a bag of meal for the lambs but of course as soon as I returned I was swarmed!

After making my escape, I showed Fabian to Jo, who had been born during one of our chats - I'd had to dash out in my pyjamas mid conversation to get Blossom and her newborns into a pen.

20th April

We started this day with an Ulster Fry which went down very well.

We were constantly having to return to the farm to feed the pet lambs.

And the sheep outside.

But finally we could get on with the big thing of the day - a drive through the Mourne Mountains. The weather that afternoon was absolutely stunning.

The Mourne Scenic Route eventually transforms into the Mourne Coastal Route and takes us to Newcastle.

The perfect setting for an ice cream and a stroll along the promenade.

The Northern Irish weather really was on its best behaviour!

21st April

Jo had been taking all of the photos of her visit so far, so I thought it was about time I got my camera out. I had an idea to get a photo of us both with Fern and Frida on the hill.

Once on top of the hill, it was straightforward enough to take photos of Jo and Frida...

...but then Fern and I had to be in them too!

We had a few outtakes...

...but we got there in the end!

22nd April

We spent a very wet day travelling to Rostrevor and calling in with Emma on our way back.

The rain cleared away a bit in the evening and we managed to have a walk without getting soaked.

23rd April

As a Sunday treat for Jo (and the lambs) I let everyone out of their pens for a run around.

We had another photoshoot (or an attempt at one).

Olive's daughter Chloe had twin ewe lambs just as Jo's plane was landing at Heathrow Airport. No one else had lambs for two weeks so unfortunately Jo didn't get to help with any newborns. She did have her hands full anyway, as you can see.

We also took the dogs and Blue Belle for a walk.

24th April

It was Jo's last day on the farm so we treated ourselves to a tractor drive and a coffee.

We wound up parked outside Dundrum Castle, looking over the bay.

The lambs still needed feeding. The lambs loved to see Jo coming.

Jo was a dab hand at feeding lambs by this stage.

To round off Jo's visit we had one last photoshoot.

Thanks for coming to visit, Jo, we loving having you.


  1. Great photos, Ruth.

  2. What fun to meet one of your blog friends! I'm sure it is an experience she will remember forever.