1 September 2023

A Lap

One beautiful evening in May Fly and I paid a visit to the pet sheep - although the main purpose of the visit was to enjoy the sunset as we took our time walking a lap of the pets' field. Fly wanted some strokes before we started.

Audrey and Felix.


Some of the pets followed us part of the way down the hill. 

We stopped to admire some small flowers.

Almost at the bottom of the field and it was posing time.

At the bottom.

On our way back up the hill on the other side of the field Astrid came over to see us.

At the top of the field the whins were in full bloom.

Fly waited patiently while I had a look at those too.

Pearl was also at the very top of the hill, chewing her cud and having a generally lovely time.


Rosie and Heather.


Nancy and Holly.

Back where we started.

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