9 October 2023

Sunset on the Hill

One evening at the very end of May, I set out on the quad to visit the ewes and lambs on the hill. I took these photos by driving around the field in a large loop and photographing whoever I came across.


I remember the morning this black ewe lamb was born - several ewes lambed out in the field just days before we were going to bring them inside. Thankfully she turned out well!

"Excuse me, you're in our shot."

Ethel's brother.

Connie's lamb, Fudge, which was a placeholder name at the start but now it's kind of stuck.

Connie managed to clip most of her own fleece this year.


Her lamb.

The very first lamb born in the 2023 lambing season - born in late December 2022, of course!

It was a very, very wet summer so evenings like these feel extra precious. 

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