20 October 2023

The Restaurant is Closed

The pets are always pleased to see me - it's very sweet.

Marigold was especially enthusiastic!

Fern too.

Pearl's small size means she feels like she has a lot in common with the lambs, and nine times out of ten she's lying and chewing her cud with them rather than the other adults.



Sybil and Ethel.

When they're first put out into the field, the young pets get fed nuts to help them keep growing. Once summer comes and the grass begins to grow, however, I stop filling the feeder. By June the lambs are on grass only, but that doesn't stop them congregating around the empty feeder anyway.

Frida, Angel and Fern.

Little Fina, the youngest.


Fina could probably have done with the extra nuts, but the other lambs weren't too keen on standing back and letting her have her share.

Flossie can usually be found inside the feeder.


And finally, Frances.

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