4 November 2023

Twenty-One Days in July

The following photos were taken over twenty-one days in July.



Sybil and Ethel - friends since they were born.

Ethel - unfortunately losing her cute, pink, Dorset nose. 

Those two again.


The pets' summer home had a nice view.

Another day, this time in the morning, I went out with a long lens on the camera to try and take some photos of the pets from a distance. This is Titch.


While the adults were standing in the middle of the field, the pet lambs were happily chewing their cuds around the feeder.

Another evening, this time a more cloudy one. Josie and Susan.

The grown-ups are a bit more wary of dogs.


Astrid and Flossie.

Fern with an itch.

Astrid wanted me to remember she is still here.

When she was clipped, it was revealed that Astrid has a perfect stripe running down her tail.

Susan's new favourite habit to cool off after a run:

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