21 December 2023

October Goes On

October saw Primrose, Astrid and Tilly returned home after the summer holiday with the tips. The three of them were glad to be back. Both Astrid, and then Primrose a week or so later, had escaped from their field with the tips. I'm still not sure how, to be honest - the dry stone wall they must have gone over is very tall.




Poppy continued going on adventures. I made a few new collar and lead sets for her. I hadn't sewed leather for a few years, but thankfully remembered what to do. I made this collar for her - and I'd made the lead a few years ago.

We were out for a short walk with my friend Toni. The October sun was shining, the sea was a beautiful blue...


...But behind us was a huge rainbow! We managed to get caught in a colossal shower and we were completely soaked. We had to dry off in the Land Cruiser with the heater on for twenty minutes before going for our lunch.

Another day, and I took the camera with me when I walked the dogs.

Still attempting those family photos.

Back in the yard we had another go.


Jess, as usual, was reluctant to participate.

We'll keep trying!

On another morning, I took Poppy out on her own for some photos.


Dad, Poppy and I went out for a drive to Ardglass one Sunday, the last really warm one of the year.


Poppy was trying out another new collar and lead I'd made for her.


It was a beautiful day for October.


On a wetter day, I took these photos of Poppy in the old farmhouse. She was very happy to sit on the chair for me, unlike Susan, who I'd also attempted this with when she was a puppy.


And that was October. Quite eventful!

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