22 May 2024

The Balmoral Show 2024

Last Wednesday, Dad and I attended the Balmoral Show. We split up so Dad could explore machinery while I went in search of cute animals and good food. The first animals I came across were the birds of prey, and this man being filmed with a fancy bird on his arm.

The horse rings had been a hive of activity all morning. I came across some working hunters being judged.

I was very impressed with this horse - the only one in the ring that didn't need to be held.

The other ring had some yearlings.

The hens and ducks were closed for judging - I poked my head in but that was all for now.

On to the children's farm (suitable for all ages). As usual, there were some very cute animals.

Yes, the snake was cute too - very cosy.

The tiny Land Rovers were a hoot, I'm sure. Sadly I was too tall to drive one.

There was an impressive display of Massey Fergusons.

The goats were very chatty. All of these were talking at me. (To be fair, I was also talking to them as I walked around.)

Sharing the marquee with the goats were the pigs. There is always a fifty-fifty chance they will be asleep.

Next were sheep. Understandably, I spent a lot of time here.

Badgerface Texels.

The Border Leicester ears always crack me up.

This Charollais didn't like me - I got stamped at. How rude.

I didn't let one rude sheep put me off - there were lots of pretty faces.

Some champion Shorthorns.

Herefords being judged.

This Irish Moiled calf was thirsty during class.

Without planning, I caught another working hunter class.

On my second visit the tent was open, and I could have a look at the smaller show animals.

These pigeons posed very well for me.

The Highland Cow in the rare breeds tent.

More horse judging.

This wee child wanted to share its juice.

I had a wonderful time wandering around the show this year. Hard to believe it's over already!

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