The Dogs

Wears an orange collar.

Breed: Border Collie
Colour: Black Sable Tricolour
Birthday: 22nd May 2014
Gotcha Day: 20th July 2014
First Blog Appearance: A New Tail

Wears a navy collar.

Breed: Border Collie
Colour: Black & White
Birthday: October 2016 (?)
Gotcha Day: 27th January 2018
First Blog Appearance: Destiny and a Dog

Wears a wine collar.

Breed: Border Collie
Colour: Black Tricolour
Birthday: 30th September 2018
Gotcha Day: 21st November 2018
First Blog Appearance: It's You, Sue

Wears a green collar.

Breed: Golden Retriever (50%), Border Collie (48%), Australian Kelpie (2%) | DNA Results
Colour: Black (& White)
Birthday: April 2023 (?)
Gotcha Day: 29th August 2023
First Blog Appearance: And They Called It Poppy Love

Old Friends
Teddy (2011-2023), Pip (2010-2018), Sheila (2006-2017), Ben (2009-2016), Samson, Jack (2002-2015), Kim, & Fly (1995-2012).

Last Updated: 9th December 2023