26 March 2010

A Micro World

This is Ben.

He's so small, he has to look up at things.

We were having a walk today, taking snaps, when I discovered a new setting on my camera. It allowed me to take good pictures of small things like plants or flowers (they are the same aren't they?). Anyway, I liked this new setting and decided to use it - a lot. Here are the best:

Some "whinn" flowers (a "whinn" is a spiky bush that has little yellow flowers in Spring).

And some of my Granny's flowers.

And the first sign of Spring, a daffodil.

And we saw Panda and her friends.

And Titch from Titch and Tilly leading the way (he's the massive, tall, brown-faced lamb on the left).

Then, I took Ben to Granny's garden to do some sitting.

Then it was time to go inside, using the shortcut of Granny's garage - but there was a problem with a step...

"Mummy... I can't get in... I look neglected, so you can let me in?"

"The step - it's just so high! Help Me!!!"

After about 3 minutes of faffling about, I closed the door slightly, then opened it again. He jumped down without a care in the world. "Oh for goodess' sake!" I thought to myself.

Sheila says we both should get out more.

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