28 March 2010

Sheila's Fan Club

Sheila is a happy, bouncy Border Collie. She comes along with us to check (or look) the sheep every morning and enjoy's every minute of it. Running alongside the quad, or sitting in the blue, half chewed (that was Kim's fault - she likes plastic and fish), the wind flowing through her ears and fur. Sheila's best thing. And she looks forward to it every morning. This Winter has been very hard on the sheep and they have been feeling the affects of snow, hail and rain - endlessly.

So that means we had to resort to extreme measures. It's something my Dad doesn't like to do. Pouring buckets of nuts out on the fields for the sheep to enjoy. He dosn't like doing this because of the wastage - sheep have no table manners, so walk through the nuts instead of eat them and whatnot.

This of course leads to a few problems. Sheila likes sheep, and she always herds them at my Dad's feet so he can't move. This makes him angry. Sheila may also eat the nuts before the sheep or chase them through the nuts. Ths also makes him angry.

These nuts also make the sheep very friendly.

Darkie and Bubbles like ther nuts.

The lambs get lost in the frenzy of the ewes to get the nuts and stuff their faces. Poor little guys.

Sheila, on the other paw, keeps her distance. She knows better than to get in the way of angry ewes and their lambs. So she keeps her distance...

Or gets high up (note the sheep running for the nuts in the background - click on picture to enlarge).

There's another reason she keeps her distance. like many celebs, Sheila has a fan club.

These lambs take great delight in chasing Sheila, because they like her.

Ben doesn't know what's coming for him.

Just you wait, lady sheep, Ben's coming to get you.

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