14 March 2010


It's Mother's Day and to celebrate, I'm going to take a look at some very importat mothers, starting with the dogs...


This very pretty Border Collie is Kim and Sheila's mum from Scotland. Her strange name is a femine version of "Tweed", a very popular name for Border Collies and the name of her dad, who was the Northern Ireland herding champion four times in a row so I'm told. She is now ten-years-old.


This is Rua, Ben's mum. She too is from Scotland. She has a "wall eye", that is a blue eye. She's very friendly and cute. Her name comes from the Irish word for "Red", and she was called that because she's brown, or red.


Yes, that's right! Our Fly had a litter of pups eleven years ago this year and she's never looked back.

And now for the sheep. There are hundreds of these every year, but these are our favourites...


Seen here with the back end of her lamb of 2010, Freddie.


This is Panda with her 2010 season lambs, Miss No-Name and Miss No-Name (I ran out of ideas for names).


This our bubbly sheep called Bubbles.


This is Darkie and Rita, one of her 2010 season lambs. The other one is called Roy.


From left to right, Tilly, Charlotte and Titch.

So, from all of us, Happy Mother's Day!

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