26 April 2010

Boredom Breakers

You may remember that in my last post, What a Weekend, that I was interrupted by thunder for a few hours. I can now reveal what Ben and I got up to. It started off quite well, with the ground already dried up form the recent downpour. I still had to turn my laptop off, because thunder and lightning isn't best of friends with electricity. A friend of ours even had her laptop melted by lighting - yes, melted! So, understandably, I was taking no chances. Ben was very happy to see me.

"Come on out - it's dry!"

Then came the rain - thunder rain - and it teamed! Ben liked the rain, but I wasn't so keen. I had to find a way to entertain him and myself while I waited for the rain to stop - then I remembered I had my camera, and some treats in my pocket. This is how I entertained myself.

By the time I was done, the rain had gotten worse - but Ben just watched me from the wet wilderness that was outside his house. Poor lad, he almost makes me feel sorry for him.

Then I gave up waiting and headed inside, to finish my post.

After tea, I took Kim for a walk, then the thunder started and interrupted my plans again! My Dad was looking the sheep at the time and offered us both a lift.

And we saw Annie and her mum, Daisy (who you can find out more about here: Good Friday). I took this and later realized it is a lovely picture of the sheep in the background, too.

Did you spot Panda?

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