29 May 2010

Ben’s Visit to the Pet Shop

Ben went to visit a pet shop today. It was called ‘Fish, Fur and Feathers’ or was it ‘Fur, Feathers and Fish’? Anyway, Ben was there to get himself a new collar, because he’s outgrown all of his other ones. We went in the Land Rover with Dad driving - not Ben.

I had never been to it before, but it was nice. There were birds, what looked like chipmunks and some fish. Ben, at first, didn’t like it. He stood at the door and her refused to budge. I called him, just falling short of my silly dance. I had to pick him up and carry him over to the doggy collars section. I set him down and still he refused to move. I needed an ice breaker, so I dropped his lead - then he moved, and went for a little wander. There was a family, man, woman and child, getting themselves a six-week-old black and white bunny. It was in a red, plastic, straw-filled box and they were being told how to look after it.

Ben, being the curious half-Gundog that he is, wanted to see what was in this box. I called him back and he came. I tried on a collar, and it fitted - to the checkout!

Ben followed me to the checkout, and the family were just in front of us purchasing their new bunny. Ben still wanted to know what was in this box - so he stuck his head through the man’s legs and had a sniff! As soon as I noticed what Ben was doing, I pulled him out. Thankfully, the man didn’t say a word, and the bunny was still in its box. I grabbed Ben’s lead, paid for the collar and got out - but not before I had to let go of Ben’s lead again so we could make a hasty retreat to the Land Rover!

“What’d I do?”

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