29 May 2010

Harnessing the Power of the Ben

Ben’s six months old since yesterday!

Ben had his first outing with a harness on yesterday. He didn’t like it.

As soon as he put the slightest pressure on it with his pulling, he got scared, sat down and refused to move. I have to jump up and down like a lunatic to get him to move again, praising him and stoking him only while he’s moving. Ben’s first outing at his new home was on a collar and lead. Here his is at nine weeks on his first trip out:

He hasn’t been on a collar and lead very much since, so for the last few weeks, I’ve taken him out one a week to teach him how to lead and not be scared. It’s a slow process, but thankfully I have patience. He seems to like this harness more than his collar.

Keeping his cool.

Getting too warm, and trying to keep cool.

Ben can do many things - jumping isn’t one of them. He still can’t jump onto the quad.

Maybe when he’s older.

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