29 May 2010

Resultant Force

I’m calling this post ‘Resultant Force’ because I had a physics Additional Science exam yesterday, and because the shaved sheep are a result of the clipping (see what I did there?).

The clipping (or shearing, as you may call it) is almost halfway through, and already the adult ewes are looking smaller. Some lambs that looked quite small before now dwarf their mothers! Bubbles was the first ‘pet’ to be clipped, and she didn’t really like it, but she stayed still for most of the time so Paddy could do his job, and get her shaved for the Summer.


Bubbles was gathering reinforcements to stop Paddy and his clippers of doom.

Unfortunately, an army of black and white sheep would never be enough to stop Paddy, and so they are all being clipped next week. Shame.

Darkie and Rita were keeping wise and didn’t get involved.

Remember in my post called Lambing Round-Up, I mentioned how hard it was to find a lamb that looks like them, and to tell which crosses were which? Well, I have now found that lamb - here’s Bernie Junior:

Note the barnet, the pink skin… the eyes! Here’s a picture of Bernie to compare:

Look! Look!

Still, I prefer Suffolks. Always have, always will.

Which lamb is your favourite?

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